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Joe Flower

  • Healthcare Futurist
  • Co-Founder: Int'l Health Futures Network
  • Health Columnist

Joe Flower thinks differently and has always maintained his independence as an analyst and visionary of healthcare.

He recognized long ago that healthcare could not possibly make sense until seen as a system-as-a-whole. He has devoted his long career to understanding the dynamics of this complex adaptive system, observing the multi-level interactions of deep, underlying trends in ... VIEW MORE

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Healthcare Futurist
Joe Flower: Missouri Health Policy
Digital Health Summer Summit
Speech Topics
  • Will New Tech Alone Fix Healthcare?

    The two scenarios: old models + new tech v. new models + new tech. Let’s see where they each take us We hear it in blog ... View More

  • Your Organization at the Live Edge

    One of Joe's Most Popular Talks It’s all happening so fast. Sometimes events move so quickly that a talk you ... View More

  • Global Healthcare

    Facts and Fictions If you are selling into healthcare internationally, or planning new initiatives in your country, you ... View More

  • How Not to Lose Your Mind in the Nitty Gritty Present

    Politics and Economics, Global and National, And How to Track the Important Variables We’re back in the cage fight. We’ ... View More

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  • If you're looking for someone that will stimulate, challenge, inspire, and educate your elite group of people at (your) summit, Joe Flower would be the speaker I'd choose.
  • Jerry Lewis, Leadership Development - Banner Health-Colorado Region
  • What a great talk. We were so impressed. Your approach was perfect and your grasp of medicine was breathtaking.
  • John Sinnott, M.D., Director, Division of Infectious Disease and Tropical Medicine - Tampa General Hospital FL
  • I have never seen my Board more engaged!
  • Ruth Brinkley, CEO - Chattanooga Memorial Health Care System

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