Papa Joe Bradford
Papa Joe Bradford
  • Inspired Major Motion Film: UNCONDITIONAL
  • Co-Producer of UNCONDITIONAL
  • Author and Inspiring Speaker


Born in a small country town west of Nashville, Joe Bradford grew up in great poverty along with his grandmother, mother and sister. He rarely heard from his father. As the years passed, Joe’s life became increasingly turbulent – experiencing the entrapment of poverty, nearly dying from snakebite, facing time in prison for computer hacking and fighting a deadly kidney disease, but it was from these very struggles that he grew a heart for the poor and oppressed.

During his fight with kidney disease, Joe and his wife Denise experienced financial challenges and were forced to move into one of Nashville’s project communities. One morning, they found their neighbor, a little deaf girl, staring through the window of their front door. Denise gave her candy and the girl left, only to return with her brothers and sisters. Denise gave them all candy as well. In a week’s time about fifty children came to Joe and Denise’s door. But it wasn’t just candy that the children wanted; they needed help in many important ways. With whatever Joe and Denise could obtain, they began to help these...


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LEAD Academy High School students recently had the opportunity to hear Joe Bradford speak in an assembly and were enthralled by his life story. His message of unconditional love both inspires and uplifts and reminds all of us that no matter what our circumstances there is always hope. Students trust what he is saying because he is authentic; they know he did not let the tragedy in his own life destroy him. I would not hesitate to recommend him to speak to any group of students. Whether they are at-risk or not, every student (and adult!) can be inspired by Joe’s message of redemptive, unconditional love.

LaVoe Mulgrew - Head of School, LEAD Public Schools

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