Jodi Haney, PhD

Jodi Haney, PhD

  • Curriculum Specialist
  • Dynamic and Passionate Educator
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Jodi Haney is a dynamic and passionate educator who taps her 30+ years of experience in education to deliver powerful information that brings about educational change. A Professor Emeritus (retired, but still active) in Science and Environmental Education, Jodi is able to address needs specific to these disciplines, but considers herself a generalist in education and her presentations ... VIEW MORE

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Jodi Haney | Climate Change Education: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow!
Speech Topics
  • Motivating Today's Students

    Does student motivation have you down and out? Are you finding it more and more difficult to balance test preparation ... View More

  • Climate HOPE

    In light of the climate change challenges that lie immediately before us, our current educational standards fall far ... View More

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