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Jocko Willink Speech Topics

Virtual Presentation
A remote Keynote Presentation consists of a 45-minute briefing focused on the foundational principles of Extreme Ownership and the fundamental 4 Laws of Combat. The keynote is extremely engaging, and the content resonates with leaders in any capacity and at any level of leadership. Jocko...
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Extreme Ownership: Leadership is the most important thing on the battlefield
Battle-tested concepts of combat leadership that directly correlate to all leadership situations on and off the battlefield. We don’t teach theory learned in a classroom. We teach tried, tested, and proven combat leadership principles and strategies learned on the front line of the war on terror....
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Discipline Equals Freedom: The Dichotomy of Leadership
The key to effective leadership is balance. Leaders will constantly be faced with opposing forces that must be balanced in order to succeed. We discuss how to identify and constantly make adjustments to those opposing forces to lead every member of you team effectively.
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The Laws of Combat: Dominate Your Battlefield, Lead and Win
The laws of combat were learned on the battlefield of Ramadi, but they apply everywhere. Whether in business. Personal, or life implementing the four laws of combat are required to succeed. Cover and Move, Simple, Prioritize and Execute, and Decentralized Command: the are the laes that lead to...
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Observe, Orient, Decide and Act: the OODA Loop for analytical decision making
“Please not: This theme is s specific to Dave Berke. Developed and implemented by fighter pilots from TOPGUN to combat, the decision-making process is critical to success in any competition. We explore the analytical tools used to assess the world around us and make rapid decisions. The OODA...
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Combat Leadership: Build High Performance, Winning Teams
Although combat is different from any other environment in the world, the traits and qualities needed to succeed are exactly the same. The presentation will focus on leading in dynamic situations. Simple and direct, yet simultaneously strategic and diplomatic, these leadership concepts are...
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Safety & Risk Mitigation: Default Aggressive
At Echelon Front, we preach a Default Aggressive mindset. But being aggressive while solving safety and risk issues requires a solid foundation and understanding of why we do what we do. We discuss the benefit to establishing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for all of your team. Then we...
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Mission Planning: How the military planning model applies to business
Designed to create alignment across your entire industry, the planning process is critical to create understanding, buy-in, and commitment to mission accomplishment. We teach the military’s approach to mission planning, then conduct training that shows how it applies directly to you and your...
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