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“Jocko Willink…gave one of the most intriguing presentations I have ever heard. Jocko is unique in his ability to show how making decisions on the battlefield can be quite similar to making decisions in the boardroom…and he does it in an extremely interesting and entertaining way!"
LES STEPHENS - Chairman & CFO Fairway Resources
We were very pleased with Jocko. As you probably already know, he is an outstanding presenter! His material is in the book, but his charismatic personality makes the experience so much better! He made himself available at dinner the night before and had lunch with us after his presentation. He told me he would stay and answer as many questions as the team had and referenced a six hour question and answer session at a previous event. Jocko is all about creating a positive experience for his customers, as well as creating as many positive references as possible, and he succeeded with the Altec Team!
Jeff Emry - Altec Industries, Inc.