Joanna Hyatt

Joanna Hyatt

  • Best Selling Author and Sex Education Expert
  • The Sex Talk: A Survival Guide for Parents
  • Huffington Post Contributor

Internationally acclaimed speaker navigating a wide range of topics from sex, healthy dating and relationships for a teen and young adult audience. Author of the best-selling book, The Sex Talk: A Survival Guide for Parents.

Joanna brings a global perspective and fresh lens to some of the most difficult and confusing topics facing today's teens and young adults: sex, healthy dating ... VIEW MORE

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  • The Best Sex: Setting Up Youth for Success

    (Teen/Young Adults) Sex can be a lot of things: awkward, fun, painful, special or casual. What if we could equip today ... View More

  • The Power of No: Building Healthy Relationships

    (Teens) Teens today face incredible pressure from peers and partners in the areas of sex, drugs, and alcohol. Nearly 4 ... View More

  • New Position on Sex

    (Teen/Young Adult) Teens and young adults get messages every day from the World and from the Church about sex and ... View More

  • Sexonomics: Supply, Demand and the X Factor In Sex

    Sex and relationships can be a bit like economics, a balance between supply and demand. Today, supply heavily favors ... View More

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  • Charismatic and talented. She will not disappoint!
  • Joeseph, President - University of Pittsburgh Anscombe Society
  • You have the right amount of knowledge, humor and faith that combine in a non-threatening discussion of much avoided topics. Again, thank you!
  • Michelle
  • By far you are the best speaker to come to our school. The world and especially girls needs someone like you to teach them self respect and what love can be. I can only imagine the unwanted events which your kind words of wisdom have saved me from.
  • Peyton

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The Time Warner customer service agent told me the store would open at 8:30 a.m. When I arrived at 8:40 a.m. with my toddle...

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