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Jimmy Yeary

Jimmy Yeary Jimmy Yeary
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Jimmy Yeary

Grammy Nominated Songwriter

About Jimmy Yeary

Jimmy Yeary is the rarest of speakers. Because his content is filled with instantly recognizable moments, audiences are quickly taken to a high level of energy. For well over a decade, he has influenced millions of people--how they think and what they think about--on a daily basis. Jimmy Yeary is not only a highly sought-after speaker, he is a hugely successful songwriter and his music is all around you.
Jimmy Yeary was writing songs long before becoming the lead singer of the Grammy Award winning ...

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5 Strategies to Songwriting AKA Building Valuable Relationships

I FEEL, YOU FEEL Learn the art of valuable connectivity through authentically feeling what you are speaking, to create instant ...

Effective Storytelling

When you feel a story, you see it. When you see a story, you tell it effectively. Everyone’s life is a story that has been authentically ...


The mind can be warmed up and prepared, not unlike a runner might stretch his muscles for a race. Learn the techniques Jimmy uses to free ...


Jimmy will show you how to break down any barriers, to free up the flow of creativity, communication, and camaraderie.