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Jimmy Johnson

  • Former Coach of the "Cowboys' Dynasty"
  • Two Time Super Bowl Winning Coach
  • Member of FOX NFL Sunday Team

Jimmy Johnson, the architect of the Dallas Cowboys' consecutive victories in Super Bowls XXVII and XXVIII, former Miami Dolphins coach and current member of FOX's NFL SUNDAY team, is a proven leader and motivator.

Johnson served as Cowboys' head coach from 1989 to March 1994. He was named to the job on February 25, 1989, the day the franchise was purchased by collegiate teammate ... VIEW MORE

Speech Topics
  • Teams That Win: Fundamentals for Success

  • Sports: Lessons for Business and Life

  • Personal Achievement: Realizing Your Dreams

Text Reviews
  • His unique wisdom and command of both the game of football and the game of life provided for a very special inside look at leadership, as well as an understanding about the special ingredients of great teams.
  • George Vorsheim, Director of Communications - Environment One Corporation

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