Jessica Holmes Speech Topics

Depression: The Comedy
This is a frank and hilarious account of how it took Jessica Holmes two years to get diagnosed as depressed. It started small: she resented “fun stuff” like girls night out, developed a loathing for words like “wellness,” and avoided foods that promised to prolong her life. Even when she yawned...
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The 60-Minute Perspective Makeover: Proven Tips to Living an Awesome Life!
The secrets of success are the same no matter what business you’re in, and success begins with getting motivated. Inspiration and comedy unite in this 60-minute transformational presentation from “I should…” to “I will!”. Energizing and funny, Jessica’s call to action combines her trademark...
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Laugh It Off And Bring It On
A few years ago, inspired by her own recovery from depression, Jessica trained as a wellness coach and re-committed her life to discovering what creates lasting balance and fulfilment. In this funny and inspiring presentation, Jessica shares hilarious and meaningful personal anecdotes about...
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