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Jessica Cabeen

Jessica Cabeen, K-12 Education, Education Motivation Early Childhood Education, Balance Life/Work, Elevate Jessica Cabeen, K-12 Education, Education Motivation Early Childhood Education, Balance Life/Work, Elevate

Jessica Cabeen Speech Topics

Principles of Balance: Strategic Ways to Find Success in Work and Life.
How do we get from a place of feeling like we need it all to finding a way to appreciate what we have? Through her personal struggles and successes Jessica will share practical ways for participants not to just survive in life today-but to thrive. As a co-author of Balance Like a Pirate and...
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Expect the Best! Creating a High Performing Culture.
What does it take to learn and lead in schools today? Through research and her own practical examples of leading at every level of the K-12 educational system Jessica will share 10 key ways to thrive in today’s classrooms and schools. In Jessica’s upcoming book: Unconventional Leadership...
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Dream Big, Live Colorfully, Lead Boldly
Developing Your Best Self at School and Home. We may be superheroes, but we are not made of steel. Jessica Cabeen, Unconventional Leadership (Routledge 2019) Today’s educators have pressures that can become barriers to maintaining wellness in all aspects of life. In this session we will explore...
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Lead with Grace: Leaning into Necessary Soft Skills for Success.
Do you love what you do, but at times struggle with the necessary interactions and communication skills that could elevate interactions in all aspects of your life? Jessica shares practical examples from her successes and epic failures of utilizing skills to build authenticity, vulnerability, and...
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Listen….Learn….Lead. Creating A Framework Towards Personalized Learning.
Today’s educators are looking for ways to embed student’s voice and choice in the learning targets that they are reaching. School leaders are searching for ways to create engaging professional development that mirrors the learning they see their teachers leading in classrooms every day. In this...
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Wellness Day Workshop
Dream Big: Creating Realistic Plans for the Passions in Our Life. What have you always wanted to do, but have been too afraid (or too busy) to do it? In this breakout, we will dive deeper into setting realistic goals that will help you realize the potential you have. From training for your first...
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Workshop: Thriving at School and Life as an Educator
Objectives: Recognize the importance of self-care for educators Identify warning signs of burn-out, secondary trauma, and stressors that impact educators’ability to be their best self in work and life. Develop strategies that will support the well being of the Whole Educator. Create plans for...
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Leading from the Sandbox
Did we really learn all we needed to know before 1st grade? Educators at any level want to find ways to reach and teach students and families while using unconventional strategies to increase the childlike curiosity. Learn from a secondary administrator turned kindergarten principal about the key...
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Workshop: Creating Partnerships with Families and Communities
For the success of our students it is critical that teachers and leaders commit with families to build a foundation for all students. Jessica has had the opportunity to live where she leads and has seen parent partnerships from the level of a leader and parent in the district where she works....
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Workshop: Hacking Early Learning: Working Together to Create the Foundation for P3 Learning.
This full day workshop is geared towards school teams. Wondering how to better align the learning in the early years with other grades? Wanting to make meaningful connections with families before they even enroll in your school? Ready to take the next steps to ensuring alignment of curriculum is...
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