Jesse LeBeau

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Jesse LeBeau Speech Topics

Why Underdogs Win! (Non-Profit Groups)
Watch as Jesse entertains with a basketball and shares his inspiring underdog story of how he went from overlooked to overbooked, dribbling his way onto the Hollywood big screen. Learn how one underdog pursued his dream and you can too!
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The Attitude Advantage: Turning Obstacles Into Assets
This is Jesse's most in demand speech in which he dazzles audiences with this basketball tricks and while sharing his relatable underdog story. Jesse understands what it feels like to try to form and discover your identity and purpose. He has learned that life’s battles can be won, armed with a...
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The Greatest Story Ever Told: YOUR Story! (Corporate)
Learn how your personal story can impact your business relationships, sales and help you build immediately rapport and trust. Success in today's business world is built on relationship, authenticity, and deep personal connection. Find out how to communicate your company's message in a way that...
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Additional Topic Ideas:
•Importance of Your Attitude •Taking 100% Responsibility For Your Life •Believing In Yourself •No Substitute For Hard Work •Surrounding Yourself With The Right People •Embracing Your Uniqueness •Taking A Leap Of Faith •Self-esteem •Anti-drug •Bullying
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