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Jeff Krukin

Jeff Krukin Jeff Krukin
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Return to the Moon Conference

Jeff Krukin

Entrepreneurship, the NewSpace industry, and The Human-Space Connection®

About Jeff Krukin

Jeff's space career began with boyhood evenings in the back yard gazing at the Moon and stars. This early passion for space led to a multi-faceted career, including IBM Systems Engineer at NASA's Johnson Space Center, Executive Director of the Space Frontier Foundation, grant-funded economic development work, and now a NewSpace Business Development practice. Jeff has fought the front-line battles to open the space frontier. He brings space down to Earth with talks about The Human-Space Connection , ...

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Discover The Human-Space Connection®...

Space is a mere 62 miles above us, and thus a continuation of our environment. Space is an extension of the economy, and thus part of our lives. Space is a place of abundant resources, and thus crucial to ...

What new space industries and jobs are coming?

Space... it's not just for astronauts and aerospace companies anymore. Space is nothing more than another place for humans to live, work, play, and learn.

Commercial space vehicles and hotels are being designed for you. Ready for micro-gravity fun?

Want to buy a ticket to ride into space, either for just a few orbits or an overnight stay in a hotel? What would making love be like in a zero-gravity bedroom? Imagine playing basketball, soccer, baseball, ...

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NewSpace Nation: America's Emerging Entrepreneurial Space Industry by Jeff Krukin
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Your speech was very inspirational.

Joan Vernikos, Ph.D. - Former Director of NASA's Life Sciences Division

You've touched on the issues in a thoughtful provocative manner.

Anthony Duignan-Cabrera - Imaginova Corp.

Your talk was very enlightening . . . you raised questions that need to be asked and provided much needed different points of view.

Damian Rogers - Master of Space Studies student, International Space University

You gave a very animated presentation. Well done!

Charis Kosmas - GEO-RING Services

We heard many positive comments about your presentation, "Space is a Place, Not a Program: Creating an Orbital Economy" from meeting attendees. Some of those comments were: "It's good to have presentations from viewpoints outside the mainstream."

Adrienne H. Tooley - Florida Aviation Aerospace Alliance

Your perspectives on space were most definitely thought provoking and provided a breath of fresh air to the normal debate.

Craig Baden - Vice President, Phi Beta Kappa at the University of North Carolina
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Column: Will NASA Become A New Branch Of The Military?

The following is a column by space technology expert Jeff Krukin: The political will to increase NASA's consistently paltry budget has consistently remained paltry since the years of Apollo. NASA was conceived to accomplish a national security mission, and without this imprimatur NASA ...