Jeff Krukin

Jeff Krukin

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Jeff's space career began with boyhood evenings in the back yard gazing at the Moon and stars. This early passion for space led to a multi-faceted career, including IBM Systems Engineer at NASA's Johnson Space Center, Executive Director of the Space Frontier Foundation, grant-funded economic development work, and now a NewSpace Business Development practice. Jeff has fought the ... VIEW MORE

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Speech Topics
  • Discover The Human-Space Connection┬«...

    Space is a mere 62 miles above us, and thus a continuation of our environment. Space is an extension of the economy, ... View More

  • What new space industries and jobs are coming?

    Space... it's not just for astronauts and aerospace companies anymore. Space is nothing more than another place for ... View More

  • Commercial space vehicles and hotels are being designed for you. Ready for micro-gravity fun?

    Want to buy a ticket to ride into space, either for just a few orbits or an overnight stay in a hotel? What would ... View More

  • Space, the environment, and energy

    Orbiting satellites have been used for decades to monitor our environment, but how can space resources be used to ... View More

Text Reviews
  • Your speech was very inspirational.
  • Joan Vernikos, Ph.D. - Former Director of NASA's Life Sciences Division
  • You've touched on the issues in a thoughtful provocative manner.
  • Anthony Duignan-Cabrera - Imaginova Corp.
  • Your talk was very enlightening . . . you raised questions that need to be asked and provided much needed different points of view.
  • Damian Rogers - Master of Space Studies student, International Space University

Jeff's Blog

Column: Will NASA Become A New Branch...
The following is a column by space technology expert Jeff Krukin: The political will to increase NASA's consistently paltry bu...

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