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Marketing to Gen Z: Tapping into Youth Culture Trends
Already one of the most powerful consumer forces in the market, Gen Z – born between 1996 & 2010 -- is driving a new era of empowered consumerism. Understand how today’s teens and young adults are rewriting the rules for brand behavior through their “old school” values, new American pragmatism...
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Driving Profits with Gen X & Baby Boomers Through Trends Started by Millennials & Gen Z
Jeff examines and dissects how the youth culture of today is directly influencing the attitudes and purchasing decisions of older generations. Today’s consumers have new expectations. They are hyper- connected, content-consuming and more likely to bypass traditional forms of marketing and listen...
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 Establish the Workforce and Culture You Deserve!
Your external brand is only as strong as your internal culture. 83% of managers are Millennials, and this cohort already accounts for the largest generation of employees, surpassing both Boomers and Gen X. Jeff & his business partner, Amy Gwin, will lead a provocative presentation showcasing new...
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Demystifying the Hype around Millennials
Uncovering Profit Opportunities in this Un- tapped Market. (For Financial Services) The “underbanked” digital natives are poised to shake up financial services. The imminent growth of their own earnings and generational wealth transfer represent huge opportunities. Jeff will walk through ways...
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Purpose Driven Innovation & Driving Brand Love®
In today’s noisy market where people have instant access to nearly everything, quality products and services are no longer enough to differentiate your company or organization—your brand— from the competition. In this talk, we’ll look at the roles of both purpose and innovation — and why they are...
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The Purpose Advantage
We are in a new era of brand building, one that’s evolving the rules of the market. This means it’s paramount you understand and align on how to differentiate your brand and drive revenue—brands with soul outperform their peer groups. But many brands still struggle to arrive at a brand purpose...
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The Future Of Consumer Engagement: Leveraging The Millennial Mindset® To Grow Your Business
The jokes at the Millennials’ expense are aplenty, but not nearly as much as the $200 billion in buying power they now wield as they enter their peak earning and spending years. Love it or loathe it, your future depends on your ability to successfully connect with them—which goes far beyond...
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How To Market To Gen Z And Develop Customers For Life
By the end of the year, Gen Z will become the world’s largest and most powerful consumer force in the market. Connecting with these teens and young adults in ways that lead to growth and market shares will require real change, not just tweaks to a Millennial marketing plan. This program reveals...
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The Purpose Advantage: Unlocking The Power Of Purpose For Your Brand (Workshop)
We are in a new era of brand building. As the rules of this era are being written, it’s paramount that event planners understand and align on how to differentiate their brand and drive revenue. In this crowded marketplace, meeting strong standards is the cost of entry. Many brands are struggling...
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