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Jason Young

  • President of LeadSmart, Inc
  • Southwest Airlines Customer Service Training
  • Author of 'Culturetopia' and 'Servicetopia'

Jason Young has been called a "rare breed" when it comes to developing leaders and customer service initiatives. No wonder. As a former senior-level manager at Southwest Airlines, Jason learned the value of a successful workplace culture. During his 10-years with the airline consistently rated No. 1 in customer service and employee satisfaction, Jason Young was a key driver in ... VIEW MORE

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Jason Young: The Southwest Effect
How To Add Value To An Event
What is the Culturetiopia Effect?
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  • Lead Smart -- High Performance Leadership

    Jason Young teaches that leaders develop, motivate and empower people to achieve extraordinary results while providing ... View More

  • The Southwest Effect -- Successful Practices of a Market Leader

    Southwest Airlines has given the business world a textbook example that providing fabulous customer service and ... View More

  • Culturetopia: The ultimate high-performance workplace

    Based on his experience as an insider at famed Southwest Airlines and consultant to dozens of other Fortune 500 ... View More

  • Servicetopia: The Ultimate Customer Service Experience

    In this keynote, Jason Young explains how a company can deliver a transformational service experience — Servicetopia — ... View More

Text Reviews
  • I was very impressed with Jason's insightful ability to immediately apply the current issues within our company to his excellent presentation. It was a huge success.
  • Dan Lohr - Regional President
  • Jason Young is indeed a rare breed when it comes to developing leaders. His practical yet effective approach is highly contagious and will ignite any organization with long-term, positive, measureable benefits.
  • Jim Wimberly, COO & Executive Vice President - Southwest Airlines
  • Jason's motivational style was entertaining & educational. The group left the meeting fully energized & excited to be providing leadership that will create an associate-driven, high-performing, customer-focused environment within the healthcare business.
  • John H. Jeter, M.D., President & CEO - Hays Medical Center
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