Dr. James F. Smith

Dr. James F. Smith


A funny and energetic speaker, Jim has a flair for making economics comprehensible and interesting to a wide range of audiences.

As an economic forecaster, Dr. Smith tells his audiences where he thinks the U.S. and/or global economy is today and where it is going in the next few quarters or few years. He always uses lots of data to back up his opinions, lets people know what other ... VIEW MORE

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  • The State of the Economy--U.S. or Global

    In this up-to-the-minute speech, Jim points out how the media distort economic news and then uses a wide array of ... View More

  • Warning: Medicare Is Bad for Your (Economic) Health

    If demography is destiny, all the leading economies of the world, including the U.S. economy are in trouble. Medicare ... View More

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Economists See Growth Spurt Delayed,...
Written by Kathleen Madigan Harsh winter weather delayed-but likely didn't derail-the breakout growth many economists expected...

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Dr. James F. Smith travels from Asheville, North Carolina and requires First class airfare greatly appreciated.

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