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Dr. James Maas

  • Nation's Top Sleep Educator
  • Award-Winning Professor
  • Filmmaker and Producer for PBS

Dr. James B. Maas is a Stephen H. Weiss Presidential Fellow, Professor and past chairman of the Department of Psychology at Cornell University. He received his B.A. from Williams College and his M.A. and Ph.D. from Cornell. He teaches introductory psychology to 1,700 students each year in the nation's largest single lecture class, and conducts research on the relationship between sleep ... VIEW MORE

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Clips of Dr. Mass' Keynotes on Sleep
Speech Topics
  • Peak Performance for the Rest of Your Life

    Speech Abstract: To be a peak performer you need to be fully alert, dynamic, energetic, in a good mood, and cognitively ... View More

Text Reviews
  • Your preparation, participation and performance were superb. As it turned out, your presentations were truly the highlight of this meeting and as you promised us, the subject of conversation for the balance of the conference.
  • Andrew Harman - Seagram
  • Talk about terrific!!! You were the hit of the conference!! I was so impressed by the quality of your presentation and the HUMOR!!! Thanks for making all of us At Marriott learn something about ourselves that also translates into our business. What a win!
  • Briget Bilinski - Marriott Corporation
  • While Pepsi people have been presented to by the likes of Tom Brokaw, Harvey MacKay, Tip O'neill and John Naisbet, the person they still talk about most is you, the Sleep Doctor.
  • Mike Lorelli - Pepsi-Cola

James's Blog

Making a Business Case for Bedtime
Go Ahead, Hit the Snooze Button Weary Workers Learn to Count Sheep Using Special Lighting, Office Nap Pods Article by Lauren ...

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