Amb. James K. Glassman, College & University NSB

Amb. James K. Glassman

  • Ex. Dir of The George W. Bush Institute
  • Frm. Under Sec. of State for Public Diplomacy
  • Expert on Economic, Tech, & Financial Markets

Ambassador Glassman's career spans politics, technology, media, economics, diplomacy, business, and academia. Drawing on his knowledge of all these areas, he generally speaks on "What's Ahead for the Economy and Politics."

Because of his background as moderator of three TV programs, he is a gifted on-stage interviewer. His interview subjects have ranged the Dalai Lama to Silicon ... VIEW MORE

Speaker Media

A Conversation with James Glassman
Public Diplomacy in the Twenty-First Century
Speech Topics
  • Safety Net: The Strategy for De-Risking Your Investments in a Time of Turbulence

    How can you construct a financial investment strategy to protect yourself during these turbulent times…yet still get ... View More

  • The Secret Code of the Superior Investor

    We live in a world of increasing uncertainty, but by practicing the principles of The Secret Code of the Superior ... View More

  • Persuasion: How to Get People to Do What You Want

    Drawing on his time as the top communications official at the State Department, his years as a newspaper and ... View More

  • Unfinished Business: The Intersection of Politics, Policy, and the Economy

    James Glassman discusses how Congress’ “kicking the can down the road” strategy (in terms of dealing with potential ... View More

James's Blog

Town Hall Outrage: Populist Fury or...
On his blog, James K. Glassman has offered his take on the recent town hall fiasco. Is the dustup sincere outrage or simply pol...

WSJ: The Cyber Way to Knowledge
James K. Glassman, former under secretary of state for public diplomacy and public affairs, recently wrote in the Wall Street J...

NYT Op-Ed: GM Plan Will Ruin Bond...
Mere days before GM filed for bankruptcy, James K. Glassman, former under secretary of state for public diplomacy and public af... TARP Is 'Becoming Roach...
James K. Glassman has a strict warning about the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). In his guest commentary on, G...

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