Jack Berckemeyer

Jack Berckemeyer


A nationally-recognized presenter, author, and humorist, Jack Berckemeyer, began his career as a middle school teacher in Denver, Colorado. After two years of teaching he was named as an outstanding educator at his school, and shortly thereafter he was identi ed as one of the outstanding educators in the district. In 2003, he received the Outstanding Alumni Award from the Falcon ... VIEW MORE

Speaker Media

Video: AMLE Conference 2012
Video: Jack Berckemeyer Demo
Video: Nuts and Bolts
Speech Topics
  • KEYNOTE: Middle Level Education- Living it, loving it, laughing about it! (50 Minutes)

    Looking to put a spark back into your teaching? Are you curious what really makes your students tick? Looking for ... View More

  • WORKSHOP: Classroom Management for the Middle Level Educator- Managing the Madness

    Classroom Management for the Middle Level Educator- Managing the Madness Are you looking for ideas to help deal ... View More

  • WORKSHOP: Language Arts Strategies that Motivate Young Adolescents

    Looking for fun and motivating ideas for your middle level classroom? This session is a hands-on session that ... View More

  • WORKSHOP: Teaming and the Middle Level Teacher

    Being on a middle school team can be filled with great joys, struggles, and frustrations. It can also be a trying ... View More

Text Reviews
  • I have nicknamed Jack Berckemeyer, “Mr. Middle School,” as his knowledge of the middle level student and his ability to relate to middle school teachers is without equal. . . . Jack’s influence breathed “life” into our middle school program . . .
  • Sharon - Brownsville, TX
  • I have never laughed so hard, nor been so moved to tears as I was when Mr. Berckemeyer spoke to our group. He knows students and teachers. The stories he told could have come straight from our school. Many times I thought, “I know that student.”
  • Jody - Wewoka, OK
  • Anyone who can inspire you to wear a hairnet to make writing fun or pretend you are on a motorcycle while spelling with your students is a must see. Jack is by far THE most entertaining presenter.
  • Jess - Cuyahoga Falls, OH

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