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Ian Altman

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Accelerate Business Growth: A Modern Approach to Understanding Today's B2B Customers
Today’s buyers and decision makers are enabled by the Internet, empowered by enormous choices, and possess the ability to conduct real-time competitive analysis. Your customers have, in essence, taken control of the purchase process. How does your business respond to this challenge? Ian Altman...
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A Modern Approach To Growth Everyone Can Embrace – Even Your Customers
Old methods for business growth and overcoming competition have gotten a bit crusty. Build a culture of growth with a modern approach that everyone can embrace. Discover how to earn attention, rise above the competition, and shift focus from price to value - all with integrity (and humor). Ian...
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Rise Above Your Competition as a Team
Across industries, competition has changed. Without the right mindset and tools, you can easily become a virtual commodity. Business expert, Ian Altman shares tangible ways you can rise above the competition, help employees and customer alike to embrace your unique value, and build a culture of...
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