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Ian Altman

Ian Altman NSB Ian Altman NSB

Ian Altman's Bio

Business leaders rely on Ian Altman for guidance and inspiration to accelerate business growth with an integrity-based approach from his best-selling book, Same Side Selling.

Altman draws on decades of experience as a former CEO of technology businesses that he founded, sold, and ultimately grew to over $1 billion in value. This business success backed by years of research that Altman conducted to understand how customers make decisions, makes him a leading authority to help people become more successful in business.

Through his energetic, humorous, and interactive talks, Altman engages audiences of subject matter experts, business executives, and sales professionals alike from beginning to end with proven methods to help modernize their business, marketing and sales approach to align with how today's customers make and approve decisions.

Altman's best-selling book, Same Side Selling, is "one of two intriguing books you should read on B2B consultative selling," according to business luminary, Seth Godin. You can also read Altman's weekly columns on Inc. and Google search "business trends", and Altman's annual business trends article likely comes up at the top of the results. Altman records a popular weekly podcast called, "Same Side Selling Podcast," available on iTunes or wherever you get your favorite podcast.