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Business leaders rely on Ian Altman for guidance and inspiration to accelerate business growth with an integrity-based approach from his best-selling book, Same Side Selling.

Altman draws on decades of experience as a former CEO of technology businesses that he founded, sold, and ultimately grew to over $1 billion in value. This business success backed by years of research that Altman ... VIEW MORE

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Modernize Growth
NAPA 401K Summit
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Speech Topics
  • Rise Above Your Competition as a Team

    Across industries, competition has changed. Without the right mindset and tools, you can easily become a virtual ... View More

  • A Modern Approach To Growth Everyone Can Embrace - Especially Your Customers

    Old methods for business growth and overcoming competition have gotten a bit crusty. Build a culture of growth with a ... View More

Text Reviews
  • Ian combined entertainment with education and inspiration. Ian keep everyone fully engaged while delivering real-world strategies and tactics to help drive growth for the participating companies. We measure the impact by how long the attendees talk about the session – months later, Ian’s session is still a topic of conversation with with attendees ranging from sales professionals through the C-Suite.
  • Chris Miller - Professional Systems Network Internationa
  • “Outstanding content and value. Ian presents a whole different mindset for selling. In several weeks it already is making a difference with our company. I anticipate that we will look back at Ian’s session as a hallmark moment in the history of our company, when throughout many levels in our company we really learned to sell!”
  • Michael Engels, Chief Investment Officer/Partner - CWS Capital Partners
  • “We engaged Ian Altman to speak to our entire sales and leadership team. Before we even got started there was some skepticism. Now, everyone is singing his praises. Our highest performer openly admitted in a company meeting that after only two months, Ian’s sales approach has completely changed the way he approaches sales, and has made him even more successful. Our clients now buy from us based on value instead of price.”
  • Howard Rogers, CEO - BrightClaim

Ian's Blog

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Here's what to do when prospective customers go radio silent.

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