Harry Balzer NSB

Harry Balzer

  • Expert in Food Consulting and Eating Behavior
  • Vice President of The NPD Group
  • Food Industry Authority

Expert in Food Consulting and Eating Behaviors

The NPD Group has been tracking the eating patterns from a sample of the American population for over thirty. Originally concentrating on away-from-home eating habits with its CREST service, the firm began collecting in-home trends in 1980 with its National Eating Trends service. Over the years, these two services have become one of the ... VIEW MORE

Speech Topics
  • How do food safety concerns, including mad cow disease and trans fat, affect food consumption?

  • How many Americans are dieting and what kind of diets are they on?

  • How often do Americans exercise? What are people‚Äôs attitudes about health and nutrition?

  • How often do people cook and what appliances are being used more or less often?

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