Harris III

Harris III

  • Harris's greatest art is when he gets your eyes, ears and mind to feast on deception, and then in one abracadabra 'ah ha' moment, causes you to walk away with your heart full of truth! This guy is God good!
  • Tony Nolan - Author and Speaker
  • Our entire staff along with the entire audience of 11,000 people were in awe of his performance—we are still receiving great feedback. Harris is a true professional to work with, and I couldn’t recommend him higher!”
  • Brad Lomenick, Director, Catalyst - A Conference for Next Generation Leaders
  • As the Systems Failure Analyst for NASA, it’s my job to see what others miss. Harris is amazing . . . I didn’t catch a thing.
  • Larry Ludwig - NASA, Materials Science Division
  • Harris understands the true art of connecting with an audience, and presents so much more than just a ‘show.’ He takes the audience on an exciting journey, full of laughter, transparent stories, wonder and amazement.
  • Julie Arnold - North Point Resources
  • I've seen multiple presentations by Harris in multiple settings, and every one of them has left me in awe. He's one of the most talented people I've ever experienced. He is an incredible storyteller, communicator, and performer, and his unique ability to reawaken wonder and speak to the role that wonder plays in our life and work is a game-changer for you and those you lead!
  • Jon Acuff - Best-Selling Business Author
  • I am such a big fan of Harris III. In my 20+ years with DreamWorks Animation, the stories that lasted weren't just about box office - they resonated on a personal level. Harris understands this intuitively. Not only is he a talented illusionist, Harris knows the power of Story to grab the heart. I always clear my calendar when Harris is in town, because I know I will come away changed for the better.
  • Rick Rekedal, Executive Vice President - Reeves International
  • In corporate events around the world, we find ourselves following a routine of educating one another. But our listeners aren't seeking education--they are longing for enchantment. If we are are to survive, corporations and organizations must leverage the amazing power of story. If you are seeking a dynamic and memorable speaker, I would highly recommend Harris for your next event. Harris leverages his masterful storytelling and illusionist skills to invoke wonder which allows the audience to tap into their imagination and help them to dream bigger. He is able to enchant audiences and provide insights and story that aligns with your target messaging. I've seen Harris on stage at several events and I can remember each one. That's something I can't say for most speakers.
  • Louis Richardson, Chief Storyteller - IBM
  • Harris's presentation is breathtaking, and perhaps only trumped by his deep character and hopeful spirit. His enthusiasm for wonder is contagious.
  • Scott Harrison, Founder - Charity Water

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