Harriet Turk, Eating Disorders

Harriet Turk

  • Character Education and Development
  • Anti-Drug Advocate
  • Conflict Resolution Specialist

For the past 20 years, Harriet Turk has challenged her audiences to think about their life choices. In a world peppered with indifference, complacency, and difficult decisions, she offers her unique and fresh perspective regarding leadership, loyalty, and life. Powerful, engaging and insightful, Harriet pulls no punches and connects with her audiences when she "tells it like it is." ... VIEW MORE

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Speech Topics
  • Just Deal With It!

    So you have a dream—now what? Dreaming alone doesn’t transform these aspirations into reality. In “Just Deal With It,” ... View More

  • Just Be U (Teen Focused)

    From the time we are little girls, we are shown images of what a beautiful woman looks like. We are taught that we ... View More

  • Just Serve

    Harriet’s service learning programs encourage a new generation of student leaders to serve with substance. Rather than ... View More

  • Just Be U (Adult Focused)

    Your life is messed up. Guess what? Everyone else’s is too. For some reason, we keep thinking that everyone else has ... View More

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Harriet Turk travels from Memphis, Tennessee and requires Coach class for 1

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