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Hari Nair

  • Global Managing Director Kimberly-Clark

Working under the thought leadership of the world's most preeminent innovation guru, Clayton Christensen, Hari was part of the founding team, which established his firm's Asia presence in 2006. Hari is a thought leader and expert in applying disruptive innovation in emerging markets having advised several Fortune 500 companies as well as several Asian companies, including P&G, ... VIEW MORE

Speech Topics
  • Disruptive Innovation in 21st Century

    Applying the principles taught by innovation guru, Clayton Christensen this speech explores how disruptive innovations ... View More

  • Winning in Emerging Markets – Lessons from the Trenches

    Innovation lessons from a decade years of launching new products, brands, and services in markets like China, India, and ... View More

  • How American companies can win in China and India

    Exploring the cultural and value mindset of consumers in China and India, and why that matters for American companies to ... View More

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