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In a 33 year career with Time Incorporated, and as a journalist and editor at LIFE and PEOPLE WEEKLY magazines, Hal Wingo encountered some of the world's best known personalities, ranging from Charles Lindbergh to Lyndon Johnson to a wide range of film and television actors. His recollection of those people, from the silly to the inspirational, is a fascinating journey through the lives of those who have shaped our world.

Hal Wingo's career began with LIFE Magazine, where he was national correspondent and then far eastern regional editor in Hong Kong. He covered the Vietnam War for three years before returning to New York as senior editor of the magazine. In 1974 Hal Wingo was one of the founding editors of PEOPLE WEEKLY and its original news editor, supervising 70 correspondents reporting and writing for PEOPLE around the world. At PEOPLE he was the host for four years of a weekly radio program on WABC in New York City featuring interviews with subjects from the current week's issue.

Hal Wingo currently serves on the board of The Council for America's First Freedom in Richmond, Virginia, and is also a recognized speaker on the subject of religious freedom and its guarantee in the first amendment.