Greg Wooldridge

Greg Wooldridge


Greg "Boss" Wooldridge is the only commanding officer to lead The Blue Angels for three separate tours. He was first selected because of his demonstrated ability to build teams where communication, trust and teamwork took precedence over rank and status. His heart-driven approach proved a perfect match for the Blue Angel's culture of excellence, and he was called back to lead 2 ... VIEW MORE

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  • Leading the .01%

    Blue Angels pilots are the best of the best, and channelling that kind of talent takes special care. Greg’s success ... View More

  • Being The “Tip of the Spear”

    Effective leadership requires a mindset that inspires trust through confidence, but which remains open to ... View More

  • Extreme Focus & Precision

    The Blue Angels risk their lives every time they execute a maneuver. Greg draws his methods from a world where ... View More

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