SFC Greg Stube (RET)

SFC Greg Stube (RET) SFC Greg Stube (RET)

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Mr. Stube is a very qualified speaker who consistently receives high regards from the NA students and NA staff. His style of speaking and message resonate with the NA audience. Mr. Stu be is easy to work with and is always professional in his interactions. He is always well received and will continue to be invited back to speak at the FBINA. Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions.
Richard Boswell - FBI National Academy
Greg's heartfelt communication style is impressive, his hard fought background is historic. I would highly recommend that you consider Greg Stube
Lewis Danielson - Crimson Trace Corp
I have had a 50 year career as a retired Navy Captain, retired senior civil servant, occasional defense consultant to SAIC and the Naval Postgraduate School, and President of a non-profit providing college scholarships to children of soldiers killed, wounded, and injured since 9/11. During this time I have heard many great speakers, but none better than Greg Stube. He is a natural and authentic communicator. In his 22 year career as a Green Beret, Greg Stube operated where the rubber meets the road, and made tremendous sacrifices for his country. His presentations on such topics as leadership, patriotism, team building, goal setting, organizational evaluation and optimization, and self-actualization, are nothing short of inspiring. I would unquestionably recommend Greg for any organization interested in motivating and improving their workforce.
Chuck Deleot, CAPT US Navy Ret, President - President, Patriot Foundation
There is no shortage of town criers that will shock and awe their audience. The volume can be loud and unnerving. Greg has a message and a delivery that can engage and support service and sacrifice.
Michael Fordyce, CEO - One West Insurance Services, Inc.
Greg Stube is a world-class presenter. His ability to move an audience is an amazing thing to watch. He leaves the listener feeling inspired, believing they can face any challenge and overcome any obstacle.
Mark Gungor, CEO - Laugh Your Way America
Greg's message is something very unique in the speakers' world. I have had the opportunity to attend multiple motivational and educational speaker events and I can frankly say that Greg ranks with the elite. I don't want to come across as "over the top" but I can guarantee that any group who has the opportunity to hear his message will not be disappointed. Greg will give people hope and confidence not only relative to our great country but also to the ideal of a citizen servant.
Matt Herridge, Charton Management
Think you're having a bad day? Well, you have nothing on Special Forces veteran Greg Stube. A man of incredible faith, heart and bravery, Greg Stube was grievously wounded on the battlefield in Afghanistan. Nearly losing his life in combat and on the operating table, he battled back, through incredible pain and adversity, countless operations and medical setbacks, but he never let it break him. His recovery was slow, arduous and painful. But he didn't let it keep him from smiling, from laughing or picking himself up and moving on with his very different life. And he never stopped serving others, trying to get the best out of other people. The same qualities that made him an outstanding Green Beret have made him an outstanding motivational speaker--if you can listen to Greg Stube and not have his story, his love of country and his fellow man touch your heart and inspire you about the greatness of this nation then I think your soul is dead. Greg Stube has endured more pain just putting his boots on every morning than most of us will experience at any time in our lives. But you never would know. Because Greg Stube put others before himself while he was uniform and continues to do so this day and every day.
Mark A. Keefe, IV, Editor In Chief - American Rifleman
There is simply no one better at getting onto a stage and conveying a potent, moving message that will instantly inspire every listener to work to achieve great things. Greg has led men in the most trying of circumstances on and off the battlefield. When he speaks of leadership, leaders listen. His love of country and all-American values are weaved deeply into his words. We would all be better off if every young person today could hear what he has to say, especially as it relates to perseverance and the power of faith and love in overcoming the seemingly insurmountable obstacles life inevitably presents. The bottom line is that Greg Stube's message derived from his vast experience enriches the lives of all who hear it.
Darren LaSorte
Greg is an electrifying public speaker. His passion for leadership and love of country is infectious. I invited Greg to speak at one of our senior leadership offsite meetings, where the audience willingly followed his speech and were fully engaged with the stories and his message. To this date, many of the attendees mention his unforgettable presentation.
Adam Razavian, Ph.D
have had the pleasure of hearing Greg speak on 4 different occasions; 3 of them I was not aware of him being the keynote speaker, 1 when I hired him to speak to a private boy's school. In all 4 instances I was inspired and motivated by his messages. Greg captivated the crowd on each occasion. The reflections he shared on various subjects with the audience which ranged from 400 to 1500 created a range of emotions from tears to laughter. In each instance I left inspired by this man and his commitment to the America I love and the role it plays in the world. Without question I would recommend him for any speaking engagement.
Kevin C Rinke
It has been my pleasure and honor to have known Greg Stube for several years. Greg is not only a celebrated true American heroe, he is also one of the better public speakers I have ever speak in front of a group. I have had the opportunity to hear Greg speak numerous times, in front of a variety of audiences in several states. Greg, beyond having a great command of the English language, speaks with great conviction and has the ability to hold an audience's attention with humor. I can highly recommend Greg as an event and after-dinner speaker.
Larry Weishuhn, Wildlife Biologist
It's my absolute pleasure to recommend Greg Stube as a featured speaker regarding leadership, character, and commitment to cause. As the Training Director for the Indiana School Resource Officers Association, and a career police officer, I had the pleasure to request Mr. Stube to be the keynote speaker for our annual conference held June 2016. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Greg, and came to know him as a truly valuable asset to absolutely any team. Greg has become my friend and I find him to be honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. Greg's heartfelt style of interweaving history and emotion to convey his message is impactful to all who hear him. Many in attendance commented that he was the best speaker that they had ever heard. Along with his undeniable talent, Greg has demonstrated his commitment to the working men and women of our country through both word and service. I confidently recommend Greg to join your event or project. As a dedicated and knowledgeable resource, I know that he will be a beneficial addition to your organization.
Jim Witmer, Training Director - Indiana School Resource Officers Association