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Corporate business, community clubs/associations, young school aged adults and of course athletic bodies make up the width and breadth of public presentations for highly sought guest speaker Glenn Manton. Few speakers can share their insights with such a wide demographic which is testament to the level of exposure garnered through an elite (professional) sporting career, various forms of media employment and a direct relationship with the wider community. Simply speaking Glenn Manton has been able to build relationships based on honesty, integrity and a sense of equality. Using a raw edge that exposes human flaws that juxtapose life's successes and failings an engagement involving Glenn Manton is sure to evoke both interaction and contemplation from the audience. A blend of challenging activities, transparent stories and audience questioning are used to provide insight into motivation, communication and team to outline but a few (familiar) topics.

Public presentations often see a need to cater directly to the requirements of the client and as such Glenn Manton enjoys fulfilling specific needs and working in conjunction with other presenters. Whilst the exact nature of each presentation is individual the core values are constant; honesty, interactivity and empathy. Couple these ideals with humour and you have a speaker with whom people want to engage well after the event. By accessing those who have been involved in an engagement have the opportunity to follow up (should they choose) on any topic of interest well after the curtain has been called. There should be no such thing as a hit and run in the world of public speaking as with any business it is the little things that count and allow for positive word of mouth.

2006 was a highly successful year for Glenn Manton the public speaker as the aforementioned word of mouth when combined with his direct employment from bodies such as the ANZ bank to Macquarie University allowed for his voice to be heard on many occasions. From private school auditoriums to corporate lecture theatres Glenn Manton creates a unique niche in the public speaking market. A thirty three year old (married) with three children and a dissimilar background that includes everything from dinner with the great train robber 'Ronald Biggs' in the middle of Rio to a season of bobsleigh racing on the World Cup level is not the norm.

Join with Glenn as he continues to share various aspects of his divergent verve whilst showing a genuine interest in the lives of his audience.