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Giovanni Livera

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Giovanni Livera's Speech Topics

Anything is Possible
Motivation – Mind Opening – Energizer This is a speech to position as the opener or closer for your special event. Giovanni shares his M.A.G.I.C. formula with your audience and relates to your company’s mission. M.omentum A.ttitude G.oals I.magination C.are With his unique messaging, proven...
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C.O.E.--Creator of Experiences
A Powerful Perspective on the Customer Experience Empower your people to take ownership and improve the delivery of their work. Inspire each member of your company to create astonishing experiences for everyone they touch. Promote them all to the level of C.O.E – Creator of Experiences TM....
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Evening of Astonishment
Magic – Comedy – Entertainment Tantalizing sleight of hand and uproarious audience participation all conspire to provoke uncontrollable, belly-aching laughter during this evening-long magical tour de force. Pure, undiluted entertainment is the sole objective of your “Evening of Astonishment”, and...
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Live a Thousand Years
Success – Life Balance – Fulfillment Imagine living each day of your life to its very fullest, to a point where the total of you life experiences is enough to fill a thousand years. At the heart of “Live A Thousand Years”, Giovanni reveals the twelve essential elements that encourage you to go...
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