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George Couros

  • The Principal of Change
  • Social Media and Technology Expert
  • Author of "Innovator's Mindset"

George Couros is a leading educator in the area of innovative leadership, teaching, and learning. He has worked with all levels of school--from K-12 as a teacher and technology facilitator, school and district administrator, and is the author of the book "The Innovator's Mindset; Empower Learning, Unleash Talent, and Lead a Culture of Creativity." He is a sought after speaker on the ... VIEW MORE

Speaker Media

TEDx: #OurVoice
The Innovators Mindset
Characters of Kindness
Utah Coalition for Educational Technology Conference
Speech Topics
  • The Innovator’s Mindset (Keynote and /or Workshop)

    Carol Dweck’s work has focused on the ideas of “fixed” and “growth” mindset, yet educators will need to go a step ... View More

  • Leading Innovative Teaching and Learning (Keynote/Workshop)

    Although schools are moving forward, change is always something that many struggle with. Focusing on an innovator’s ... View More

  • The Networked Leader/Educator (Keynote and /or Workshop)

    The role of school/district administrator is essential to what happens in the classroom, yet we often are unaware of ... View More

  • 5 Questions You Should Ask Your Leader (Keynote and /or Workshop)

    The role of school or district administrator has changed dramatically and instead of people serving the leader, it is ... View More

Text Reviews
  • When George finished speaking, a new energy filled the room. The buzz was deafening. The enthusiasm was exciting. One administrator, who admitted to me a week earlier that he just didn’t “get” Twitter, said that George’s talk was transformational.
  • Tia Henriksen
  • George Couros wowed the Alberta School Board Association with his passion and skill for using social media in his division to build connection to create collaborative learning. He stated many times it’s not about technology—it’s about relationships!
  • Kim Bater
  • The key note presenter, George Couros, is a fantastic speaker who put everything into the perspective of a school and teaching situations. His presentation and "Master Class" has been instrumental in changing paradigms for me, my colleagues . . .
  • Rachael Bath

George's Blog

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