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Gail Evans

  • Award-Winning Business Woman in Media
  • Former CNN Executive Vice President
  • Best-Selling Author of "Play Like A Man"

"Love the Game" -With those words Gail Evans concludes one of the most successful and influential books about women in the workplace. Ironically, many women did not even know the game existed before Evans taught them how to win in the workplace with her book "Play Like A Man, Win Like A Woman."

The book was listed on the New York Times, Business Week, and Wall Street Journal ... VIEW MORE

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Gail Evans Speaking
Speech Topics
  • Play Like A Man, Win Like A Woman

    Women make up almost half of today's labor force, but in corporate America they don't share half of the power. Gail ... View More

  • She Wins, You Win

    It isn't enough for women to understand and learn men's rules-they must create their own. And the path to success begins ... View More

Text Reviews
  • Her experience at the highest levels of corporate America confirms the fact that when one woman wins, we all win. Gail walked us through the unwritten rules of the game and energized us all with her fiery spirit and motivational optimism.
  • Kathleen Wu, Partner - Andrews Kurth LLP

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