GA Gardner, Ph.D.

GA Gardner, Ph.D.

  • Artist, Art Educator, Creative Speaker
  • Author of 14 books and publisher of 70 books
  • Former Professor, received his Ph.D at age 25

GA Gardner began his professional art career in New York, USA creating and exhibiting large format 3D computer fine art in 1996. His work has been exhibited in various museums and galleries worldwide including the following venues: James E. Lewis Museum of Art; Paterson Museum, New Jersey; Nanjing College of Art, China; Corridor Gallery, New York; Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts, ... VIEW MORE

Speaker Media

GA Gardner Gets "Square"
Arts in Washington DC - artist and educator GA Gardner - video 1 of 2
Urban art in Washington DC - artist and educator GA Gardner - video 2 of 2
Speech Topics
  • New Media Careers

    How to retool for a career in media.

  • Overcoming the odds

    Motivation on how to find your strength and career path.

  • Preparing for college

    Selecting, finding and finishing college

  • Education vs Training

    Understanding what a true education is and the differences for a long term career in the art and technology field.

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