Freddie Scott
Freddie Scott
  • Former NCAA / NFL athlete
  • Frequent media contributor on fatherhood
  • Author of "The Dad I Wish I Had"


Freddie Scott has a history as a player in the National Football League, a pastor, youth counselor, public speaker, and author. He is the founder and president of Unlock The Champion, an organization dedicated empowering families and the teaching of fundamental life skills essential to successfully loving and leading your family. His most recent research has made him aware of the tremendous need, now more than ever, for strong fathers in America's ever-changing culture and across the world.

Today Freddie travels throughout America speaking on such issues as leadership, family, character development, personal goals, and conflict resolution. To date, Freddie has been featured on CNN, HLN, and TBN, and has spoken to thousands helping to empower people to not be imprisoned to the pain of their past.

He is an author, and is a Transition Coach for the NFL Player Engagement Program, and serves as a family expert for the NFL Players Association conducting workshops across the country helping players transition from football to being better husbands and fathers. He...


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Transition Skills for Life & Family
In a world where the stresses and coping with sudden transition are pulling families apart, how do...
Technology + Family
Technology is disrupting everything. Freddie will explore three technologies that impact how we communicate...
It Starts with You: It’s Time to Think Like a CEO
It Starts with You is about re-wiring people from a worker mindset to think like a CEO: fast, creative...
Leadership + Reputation
In this fast paced world reputation has quickly become a persons’ most valuable asset, and is now...

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"Freddie Scotts' presentation on Champions at Home was straight to the point regarding the problems in many homes today. With single parent homes there is little stability, and less discipline. His examples were clear-­?cut, and things we should have been doing, but took for granted regarding our spouse. Examples given in his presentation would be beneficial for troubled marriages, and families in crisis."

Reggie Holmes, President NFLPA Former Players Detroit Chapter, NFLPA

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