Franklin Schargel

Franklin Schargel

  • I must say that this is probably our toughest group to please; however your messages were so powerful and inspirational, we felt it necessary to ask you to return and be our lead speaker at our Annual E+Qual Conference.
  • Robert L. Quick, President and CEO - Metropolitan Evansville Indiana Chamber of Commerce
  • Franklin was invited into our community as a keynote speaker for an awareness event. His deliberate approach based on fact and current trends created an amazing “buzz” throughout our area.
  • Judy Green, President, - United Way of Cass-Clay, Fargo, ND
  • The informed strategies and information to keep students engaged and attending school along with Mr. Schargel’s sense of humor made for a delightful day.
  • Rick Peters, Superintendent - Caney Valley Public Schools, Ramona, Oklahoma
  • Every person who cares about children should hear Franklin Schargel’s words.
  • G. Masingill, Academic Auditor - Savannah, GA
  • I would describe Franklin’s program as phenomenal. The perfect prescription to remedy some of our dilemmas.
  • T. Johnson, Special Education Teacher - Education
  • Super! It gave me ideas I can use tomorrow.
  • Education
  • The presentation is an eye opener for educators. He’s very informative. He engages his audience.
  • D. Clarke, School Social Worker, - Monticello, GA

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Franklin Schargel travels from Alburqluerque, NM and requires Coach round-trip airfare for 1

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