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Died in a Hang Gliding Accident and Was Revived by Emergency Room Doctors

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A professional variety comedian with numerous television and Las Vegas credits, Frank Miles died in a hang gliding accident and was revived by emergency room doctors. Courage--he suddenly realized--isn't facing death, it's facing life.

After a full recovery, Frank Miles left the safety of his familiar career and embarked on a new adventure. Miles would employ all his performance skills to demonstrate the lessons he'd learned about beating fear. Using comedy, juggling, music, and magic, he created ...

"Words do not even begin to describe the overwhelming response we received after Frank's presentation. If a meeting planner ever wants to look great in front of clients, hire Frank Miles. He makes it so easy. Simply put: he is phenomenal."

El Dorado Computing, Inc.

"Your messages reached the whole audience. I myself laughed harder and longer than I have ever done before."


"Kept our group laughing in the aisles I highly recommend Frank if you are looking for a creative and entertaining approach to motivating your organization."


"Outstanding performance. Your message was right in line with ours, and that made me look like a genius for selecting you."

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