Frank Guttler

Frank Guttler

  • Digital Storytelling & Video in the Classroom
  • Former TV/Film Producer
  • Technology Education Expert
  • I loved how you defined VISUAL LITERACY and how it relates to our standards. It’s definitely something I intend to define for our parents. I loved this workshop; you were so respectful to us and moved at an excellent pace (usually unheard of).
  • Kristy M., 4th grade teacher - Bradley Hills Elementary School
  • This is a valuable professional development activity.
  • Brenda G., Staff Development teacher - Cabin Johns Middle School
  • This process makes sense and flows logically . . . it was a non-threatening experience so I rose to the challenge. I enjoyed the experience, learned a lot , and will put my new knowledge to practical use
  • Cherin O., 1st grade teacher - South Lake Elementary School
  • This opens a whole new world of ideas for me.
  • Bernadette W., Preschool & Intensive Needs teacher - Jackson Road Elementary School
  • Made sense and very logical. I was challenged because I had no background knowledge in filming and production. Working with the camera and learning the process of storyboarding was helpful. The entire workshop was wonderful and well thought out.
  • Sascha S., 2nd grade teacher - South Lake Elementary School
  • . . . it was very well presented and enjoyable. Frank was super fantastic, a natural teacher, excellent, professional, and well qualified.
  • Darlene N. - Strathmore Elementary School
  • The workshop was surprising and hands-on. We were put in the role a student would be and felt some of the same anxiety . . . this was really exciting and helpful.
  • Joanna G. - English & TV production Kennedy High School
  • I did not have any prior experience. I was challenged and it was much fun! The workshop opens the mind and shows a new motivational tool to engage students in the learning process.
  • Irene A., ESOL teacher - Springbrook High School

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