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Evan Robb

Evan Robb mindset, ten minute principal, principal Evan Robb mindset, ten minute principal, principal
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Evan Robb: Mindset Matters - Disrupting Routines in Education

Premiere Exclusive

Evan Robb

Distinguished Principal, TEDx Speaker and Author

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Washington, DC, Virginia
About Evan Robb

Evan Robb is presently a building level principal in Virginia. He has over twenty years of experience serving as a building level principal including opening a Junior High School. Prior to being a school principal, he was an English teacher, department chair, and Assistant Principal. Early in his career, Evan received the Horace Mann Educator of the Year Award. In addition, the NCTE Commission on Reading selected him to serve on its board.

Evan offers inspirational keynotes, workshops, and on-going ...

Evan Robb's message of positivity, growth-mindset, and achieving greatness has wide appeal. His commitment to polished delivery demonstrates his passion and investment in providing a memorable, impactful experience for his audience.

Phil Strunk - Keynote Attendee

Evan Robb delivers on all of these tenets of great keynote speakers. After attending his keynote I left knowing he spoke from experience, was able to relate through powerful stories, and felt inspired by the message and call to action.

Patrick Hausammann - Keynote Attendee

Hearing Evan speak is an incredibly motivating experience. He speaks about growth, risk, and change in an honest and open way that have personally helped me to "disrupt my routine" and develop my leadership skills. He radiates energy and a clear passion for growth, innovation, and education that is inspiring.

Anna Hawes - Keynote Attendee
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