Erin Gruwell NSB

Erin Gruwell

  • Founder of the Freedom Writers Foundation
  • Winner of the Spirit of Anne Frank Award
  • Inspiration Behind the Movie Freedom Writers

Erin Gruwell is a teacher, an education activist, and the founder of the Freedom Writers Foundation. She created the Freedom Writer Methods, a progressive teaching philosophy and curricula designed to achieve excellence from all students.

By fostering an educational philosophy that values and promotes diversity, Gruwell transformed her students' lives. She encouraged them to re-think ... VIEW MORE

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Measuring What Matters
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Erin Gruwell: National PTA Convention
TEDx: Becoming a Catalyst for Change
TEDx: The Freedom Writers
Speech Topics
  • Becoming A Catalyst For Change

    Erin Gruwell helped 150 of her students - many of whom were written off by the education system - to use the power of ... View More

  • Teaching Tolerance

    In a scene from the hit movie Freedom Writers, a film based on Erin Gruwell’s experiences as an English teacher to ... View More

  • For the classroom

    Inspire your students through a capstone event to your Freedom Writers unit of study. Make your students' education ... View More

  • For professional development

    Your search for an inspiring and motivating way to reach your faculty ends here. One of Gruwell's primary focuses in ... View More

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