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Eric Alexander

Eric Alexander, Disabilities NSB Eric Alexander, Disabilities NSB
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Eric Alexander

Guide of First Blind Everest Ascent

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Renowned Mountaineer, accomplished speaker, and celebrated author, Eric Alexander has been a pioneer and advocate for people with disabilities. Most notably Eric stood atop mount Everest leading his blind friend, Erik Weihenmayer to a successful summit of the world's tallest peak, and was called Erik's guardian angel for safely guiding his descent from the summit. This multi-record setting team has been called, by Time magazine, the greatest team in history to climb Everest, and this ascent ...

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"...The Lord will guard your going out and your coming from this time forth and forever"--Psalm 121:8. Dare to risk it all when the "experts" say the risk is too great. Eric speaks of moving forward in ...


Eric knows that to succeed as a team, each individual on that team must be a person who is trustworthy and must also demonstrate the ability to trust those around them. Eric speaks of the extraordinary ...


In moments of crisis each person will need to have what it takes to lead. As the expedition leader fell ill on summit day and turned back, the team faced a critical decision--turn back or move forward. The ...

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Farther Than the Eye Can See by Eric Alexander
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It was a pleasure to make your acquaintance and spend time sharing stories. You send a great message and do great things. You have made an impression on my young leaders, & I am positive that you have touched the lives of everyone you spoke to last week.

Douglas Noyes - U.S. Naval Academy, 12 Co. Senior Enlisted Officer

You never really know how the experiences you share affect other people. Sometimes our lives require that we put things on hold, let our dreams smoulder but never extinguish, until the time is right to ignite the flame again. I feel like you did that!

Dianne - Delta Dental

Thank you so much for all you did for the Academy, cadets, the NCEA delegates and for the positive impact you had on the Conference . . . clearly it was from your heart. Your passion and candor were truly appreciated!

LTC Dave Jones - West Point Military Academy

Our family wants to thank you for your inspiring presentation on your climb of Mt. Everest! After a full half hour of describing your talk my son had tears in his eyes because you gave him such hope for his future.

Dawn Hendry - Mother; Denver CO

Eric Alexander not only had an amazing story to tell, but he truly exemplified the characteristics of a humble leader. His story involved overcoming failure, overcoming unbelievable odds, and depending on personal spiritual faith for strength and wisdom.

Michael Baliko - MIDN USN

Our company hired Eric to speak at our annual retreat. From our first interaction he was engaging and curious to understand our business and the objectives we had for the event and for our teammembers. At the event, he was very approachable and quickly connected with various members of our group. His presentation was captivating, and it made a definite impact on many of the people in attendance. He has a direct and effective speaking style that combines with the AV portion of the presentation to give his audience a very clear picture of his experiences. He was excellent at drawing connections between his story and the challenges we face on a regular basis. Our Q & A was wide-ranging and incredibly informative. Eric was a 10 out of 10 for our group, and we would absolutely hire him again.

Tim Yeager - UDR, Inc.
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