Eleanor Guerrero Esq.

Eleanor Guerrero Esq. Eleanor Guerrero Esq.

Eleanor Guerrero Esq. Speech Topics

Eleanor discusses positive self-images for healthy families, teenagers, teachers, police, counselors, judges, attorneys and communities. She tells them how to positively influence and direct other people. Her approach is to inspire by example, belief and encouragement. If the group prefers, she...
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How the drug war and the crime wars can be won by developing mentors of police, teachers, coaches, parents and among the children themselves. It can include prevention of juvenile delinquency, gangs and date rape. She has bought this message to cities, rural areas and reservations.
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Women's Issues
Eleanor has developed an expertise on women's issues: self esteem, boundaries, violence prevention and how women get into bad relationships without the proper gift of "discernment". By using humor and compelling stories of real life examples, she provides insight, strength, encouragement and hope...
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Cultural and ethnic diversity often serves as a wedge in understanding between professionals and the communities they serve. Eleanor deals directly with often uncomfortable and crucial issues with compassion and humor, allowing diverse groups such as law enforcement and womens' groups to open...
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At Risk Kids/Prevention
Highly complex topic is made straightforward and clear. As a former prosecutor, Eleanor gives the facts on kids today, enlightening and educating professionals and communities about the challenges facing kids today, why the suicide risk is so high and what steps can be taken. With humor and...
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Law: Full Faith and Credit, Federal Firearms laws, Family Violence
For four years Eleanor has conducted national trainings based upon a manual and handbook she wrote on Full Faith and Credit. She includes in the training federal domestic violence laws that, in certain circumstances, make state and tribal misdemeanors or certain firearms possessions a felony. She...
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Intuitive Problem Solving
As a lawyer and leader, Eleanor was trained to solve problems with logic. The goal was everything. After 30 years, a world of experience, and her later work as a professional artist, she realizes a more evolved way of problem solving especially when the regular route does not work. In an easily...
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