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Equity is not a Strategy! It is a Mind-set! Dissatisfied by the un-changing narrowing of the racial achievement gap has been the driving force for Edwin Lou Javius. Advocating for students and school equity are two of the many talents of Edwin Lou Javius, who has established a reputation of inspiring educators to tackle the difficult issues of Educational Equity. From working in the ... VIEW MORE

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  • Implementing The Duality of Mind-Set and Courageous Leadership To Have The Efficacy To Lead and Teach Common Core

    Dr. Javius, has spoken on many educational topics, from Courageous Equity leadership for district and site ... View More

  • Common Core Standards

    Moving from understanding to instructional implementation

  • 21st Century Skills

    My students have 21st century skills, how do I catch up?

  • School Transformation

    How to create the conditions for sustainable change in low performing and high performing schools.

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Educational equity is about more than...
If we believe that equity is about providing students and adults what they need to exceed performance targets, then tapping...

Teach Up For Excellence
All students deserve equitable access to an engaging and rigorous curriculum. Within the lifetime of a significant s...

I found the pill: If you just take...
Teacher efficacy is at the heart of student achievement and changing conditions for underserved students. Thus, district and si...

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