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Eduardo Strauch

Eduardo Strauch Eduardo Strauch
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Eduardo Strauch

Andes Plane Crash Survivor

About Eduardo Strauch

In October of 1972 an airplane carrying Eduardo Strauch and 44 fellow passengers and crew crashed in the Andes. Seventy-two days later, only sixteen of them were rescued. Eduardo remained silent for more than 30 years concerning this experience, and did not speak publicly about any of the unimaginable challenges involved in surviving at an altitude of more than 3,500 meters, enduring temperatures down to 30 degrees below zero and having to sustain himself by eating human flesh.

But in 2005, ...

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EXIT Conference

Thirty years of silence and reflection on the odyssey in the Andes has allowed Eduardo to analyze the facts from a mature perspective, ...


EXIT is a suitable conference for those who must overcome personal or professional challenges. It encourages the audience to ...

With naturality, humility, and without staying in the mere anecdote, you made your large audience feel that life and dead is road in which we have choose with conviction and freedom.

Carlos Scarone, Faculty of Economics-Grade Studies Director - UDELAR, Montevideo, Uruguay

In our case, both adults and adolescents were engaged in not only the unbelievable saga of their story, but also the unfolding meaning of their experience. The resiliency and sacrifice, over time, serves as a powerful example.

Thomas E. Oden, Director - Uruguayan-American School, Montevideo

It wasn't just his intelligence, strong will, & realistic appraisal of their situation that made him a great leader, but also his positive outlook on life, humility, kindness, generosity, & true concern for fellow human beings . . .

Ricardo Pena, Owner and Mountain Guide - Alpine Expeditions, Colorado, USA
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