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Dr. Kevin Freiberg

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Concrete Examples Entertaining Stories Incredible Energy. These are a few reasons why clients in every part of the world invite Kevin Freiberg to be their featured speaker. Dr. Freiberg is on a short list of global thought leaders that Fortune 1000 CEOs turn to for the kind of disruptive thinking that drives growth and gets people excited about the future.

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Speaking Reel
Kevin Freiberg: Innovate or Perish
Accelerate Innovation
Innovation What Defines Service?
Hungry 4 Change
Heroic Work Inspires Innovation
Speech Topics
  • Bochy Ball! The Chemistry of Winning and Losing in Baseball, Business, and Life

    Business leaders can draw from the insights and apply the wisdom that turned the failing San Francisco Giant's ... View More

  • Innovate or Perish!

    This presentation has received accolades from business leaders in companies all over the world—primarily because ... View More

  • Be Hungry 4 Change!

    This presentation shows you what happens in companies that are passionate about growth. If you want to create a ... View More

  • When the Business Becomes a CAUSE what Follows is a MOVEMENT

    Now more than ever, consumers expect a meaningful social impact. In the future, if you can’t demonstrate that you ... View More

Text Reviews
  • Kevin, really listened to all our executives input and tailored his content so the message was right on target, you hit a bullseye! Our entire audience was entranced, your presentation could not have been better.
  • Assistant Medical Grp Administrator - Kaiser Permanente
  • I have to tell you…your presentation really made a positive impact to our practice, so much that we have put a task force around “Innovation” as our folks were really thirsty for this type of action and thought process within our group.
  • Dennis Prestia, Sr. Partner - KPMG
  • Kevin’s presentation was not only motivating and comprehensible, it was directly related to CIBC and the financial industry. The members of the audience left the workshop with a whole new inspiration to make changes in their work lives.
  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

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