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Dr. Brad Johnson

Dr. Brad Johnson What Schools Don't Teach, administrator Dr. Brad Johnson What Schools Don't Teach, administrator
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Dr. Brad Johnson: Industry Education Day
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Dr. Brad Johnson

Author of "What Schools Don't Teach" and "Teacher's First"

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Atlanta, GA, United States
About Dr. Brad Johnson

Dr. Brad Johnson is one of the most dynamic and engaging speakers in the fields of education and leadership. He is an established author with Routledge publishing, with books including Learning on Your Feet: Incorporating Physical Activity into the K-8 Classroom, What Schools Don't Teach: 20 Ways to Help Students Excel in School and in Life and From School Administrator to School Leader: 15 Keys to Maximizing Your Leadership Potential. Dr. Johnson"s latest book, Teacher's First coauthored with ...

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Putting Teachers First

Teachers are told that students come first, and for teachers this is true. However, for administrators, the teacher comes first. The teacher is the most valuable resource of an administrator. Even in ...

World Class Classroom

This speaking topic is about a growth mindset from the traditional education template. Until the age of four, most children function at a genius level, but by age 18, only 10% function at this level. ...

Learn on Your Feet! Incorporating Physical Activity into the K-8 Classroom.

Overwhelming research suggests that we have shortchanged a generation of students by creating a sedentary learning environment in our schools. What is the result? Stagnated tests scores, increased ...

Latest Book

Putting Teachers First by Dr. Brad Johnson
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The personal experiences that were shared as well as the insights into the importance of student-teacher relationships helped to reinforce many of the concepts we were covering in our introductory education courses.

Dr. Mark Brunner - Assistant Professor of Education - Young Harris College

Dr. Johnson provided wonderful insight to our instructional staff regarding how to best connect with our students utilizing 21st century technology to reach children “where they live” in the cyber age.

Dr. Karen Terry - Director of Academic Services - Georgia Cyber Academy

From my years of hosting "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader" . . . learning is most effective when it is fun. Brad & Tammy have taken that idea & formatted it in a way to help teachers help students make the most of their valuable classroom time.

Jeff Foxworthy - Comedian and host of Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader?
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