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Digital Doctoring for Quality, Patient Safety & Cost Effectiveness Today
Discover how technology is revolutionizing medicine in successive Techno-Tsunamis in the next 20 years. Gain insight on how to unleash the power of digital, DNA and nano technology for your organization.
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Homeland Security through Health Information Technology, Infrastructure and Leadership
Biological…chemical… nuclear and cyber terrorism – our health care system is not ready for weapons of mass destruction or mass disruption. This keynote highlights the actions that consumers, doctors, hospitals, health plans and pharmaceutical firms can take today and tomorrow.
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Future Health Today: The Power of Thought and Technology to Heal Today and Tomorrow
Be your own ConsumerMD! First this keynote profiles how technology will revolutionize heart disease, aging and medical care in 2012. Then it delivers practical actions that you can take today for better health and wellness.
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eHealthcare: Predictions, Trends and Tactics: Insights for executives and doctors to leapfrog the competition via e-Commerce and e-Care services
Gain indispensable knowledge from Doug’s eHealthcare book/CD-ROM and recent consulting projects.
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