Douglas Goldstein

Douglas Goldstein

  • Healthcare Strategist
  • e-Futurist
  • President of Medical Alliances

Douglas E. Goldstein is a globally recognized healthcare strategist, author, entrepreneur and "e-Futurist" focused on how electronic and emerging technologies can improve health and medical products and services today and tomorrow. He is a sought after keynote speaker and author of the recent publications e-Healthcare: Harness the Power of Internet e-Commerce & e-Care and ... VIEW MORE

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Speech Topics
  • Digital Doctoring for Quality, Patient Safety & Cost Effectiveness Today

    Discover how technology is revolutionizing medicine in successive Techno-Tsunamis in the next 20 years. Gain ... View More

  • Homeland Security through Health Information Technology, Infrastructure and Leadership

    Biological…chemical… nuclear and cyber terrorism – our health care system is not ready for weapons of mass ... View More

  • Future Health Today: The Power of Thought and Technology to Heal Today and Tomorrow

    Be your own ConsumerMD! First this keynote profiles how technology will revolutionize heart disease, aging and ... View More

  • eHealthcare: Predictions, Trends and Tactics: Insights for executives and doctors to leapfrog the competition via e-Commerce and e-Care services

    Gain indispensable knowledge from Doug’s eHealthcare book/CD-ROM and recent consulting projects.

Text Reviews
  • You are the best, thanks for a great talk.
  • Michael Roizen, MD, - Best-selling author, "YOU - The Owner's Manual"
  • e-Health is one of the fastest growing sectors of the Internet and also one of the most complex. Douglas Goldstein bravely outlines his forecasts for the emerging e-Health industry with impressive insight and analysis.
  • David Steele, MD, eHealth Medical Director - Humana, Inc.
  • He presented a lot of insights on what I can do today and tomorrow. Goldstein's greatest strength as a leader lies in his ability to provide tangible ideas and solutions to today's problems, and implement them in short order.
  • William F. Jessee, MD, CMPE, President and CEO - Medical Group Management Association
Keynote $12,000.00
Half Day $15,000.00
Full Day $18,000.00
Douglas Goldstein travels from Alexandria, Virginia and requires Coach class for 1

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