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Donald B. Ardell

Donald B. Ardell, Aging Donald B. Ardell, Aging

Donald B. Ardell's Speech Topics

Cast Off Your Burkas: How To Overcome Formidable Obstacles To A Healthy Lifestyle A High Performance Life
Aging Under the Influence - Of A Disciplined, Joyful Lifestyle
How To Shape And Sustain A Lifestyle Founded On Personal Responsibility, Exceptional Physical Fitness, Sound Diet And A Quest for Happiness, Added Meaning and Purpose, Freedom And Reason
Worksite Wellness That Makes A Difference
Get rid of inhibitions that constrain and disguise your fullest possibilities as a highly evolved human. Doing so will get you in shape for the real challenge -- overcoming the norms and customs that reinforce mediocre levels of health, happiness and freedom. I have five proposals to guide you in...
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How and Why To Expand Worksite Wellness In Order To Promote Quality Of Life, Not Just Health
Expand wellness programs beyond a prevention and medical management orientation. How and why to address preseentism and boost personal and organizational effectiveness with five strategies: 1. Teach critical thinking skills; 2. Introduce positive psychology about human happiness; 3. Promote new...
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A Dozen Ways Doctors Can Promote Healthier Lifestyles
Why A Wellness Mindset Will Help You Deal More Effectively With All Matters Related To Politics, Sex And Religion
Some topics should be avoided in polite society, but not these three!
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Chosing A Lifestyle Consistent With President Obama's Stimulus Plan
"Those of us gathered here tonight have been called to govern in extraordinary times. It is a tremendous burden, but also a great privilege, one that has been entrusted to few generations of Americans, for in our hands lies the ability to shape our world, for good or for ill." President Barack...
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How Community and Business Leaders Like You Can Spark A REAL Wellness Revolution
Outline followed for keynote at the Health Care and Business Roundtable in Boise, ID sponsored by Saint Alphonsus Health Systems. * We (America) are not # 1 in the world in terms of health status (though we are #1 in spending on medical care, most of it for chronic diseases that could and should...
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