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Prevention Is One Thing, Wellness Is Something Else Altogether
Prevention Is One Thing, Wellness Is Something Else Altogether: Here's How to Tell Them Apart Daniel Dennett, a distinguished professor, author and outspoken secularist, stirred up a bit of a fuss in academia recently when he wrote: A great deal of philosophy doesn't really deserve much of a place of the world. Philosophy in some quarters ...
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The Ardell Wellness Stress Test Self-Assessment My first book, "High Level Wellness: An Alternative to Doctors, Drugs and Disease" (Rodale, 1977), contained a chapter on stress. In it was a short stress test or self-assessment. Nearly 35 years have passed since I wrote this and devised a scoring system for interpreting it. The exercise was in...
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A New Purpose for Worksite and all Other Wellness Programming: Improved Men and Women
Introduction: The Focus to Date Over the course of the last several decades, worksite wellness programs have been on offer across America and elsewhere. All are designed as part of efforts to reduce organizational insurance costs, promote worker morale, reduce absenteeism and high risk behaviors, boost productivity, increase health and so on. A...
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Worksite Wellness is Too Important to be Boring, Illness-Focused and Timid
Introduction: Worksite Wellness Efforts to interest employees in wellness have not been wildly successful. A recent report by Colonial Life & Accident Insurance entitled, Engaging Employees in Workplace Wellness, reflects the problem. Among the revelations from the investigation of worksite programs is that fewer than half of eligible work...
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