Donald B. Ardell

Donald B. Ardell


Donald B. Ardell entertains, informs and offers new perspectives on living well. He specializes in describing ways individuals can transcend the mediocrity of normalcy and how companies and other institutions can benefit from REAL worksite wellness programming. He also offers tips for successful aging, based upon two books and many lectures on the challenges of making the most of ... VIEW MORE

Speaker Media

Global Wellness Summit
Ignite Tampa Bay
Ingersoll Oratory Contest
Speech Topics
  • Cast Off Your Burkas: How To Overcome Formidable Obstacles To A Healthy Lifestyle A High Performance Life

  • Aging Under the Influence - Of A Disciplined, Joyful Lifestyle

  • How To Shape And Sustain A Lifestyle Founded On Personal Responsibility, Exceptional Physical Fitness, Sound Diet And A Quest for Happiness, Added Meaning and Purpose, Freedom And Reason

  • Worksite Wellness That Makes A Difference

    Get rid of inhibitions that constrain and disguise your fullest possibilities as a highly evolved human. Doing so ... View More

Text Reviews
  • Don is entertaining and convincing. His talk was exactly what our organization needed—it made a significant impact.
  • Debbie Zimmerman - Polk County Administrator, Florida
  • Unforgettable. The best talk we ever had at our annual conventions. Way to go, Don.
  • Irene A. Sjostedt - Director of Professional Dev, AAMSE
  • Don is the best. Accept nothing less than the master—and the pioneer of the wellness movement.
  • John Langdon, MD - Florida Hospital Institute

Donald's Blog

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A New Purpose for Worksite and all...
Introduction: The Focus to Date Over the course of the last several decades, worksite wellness programs have been on offer acr...

Worksite Wellness is Too Important to...
Introduction: Worksite Wellness Efforts to interest employees in wellness have not been wildly successful. A recent report by...

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